Fishing Report friday 6-21-13

“SILVER CREEK—Because hatches have been far stronger than normal, the fishing has been very good. Green Drakes (D. grandis) have been all the rage. They are found in the upper portions of the preserve but are never an overwhelming hatch. Because of their large sizes, they get the attention of all the fish. Para Green Drake #10-12 and a Green Drake Cripple #12 take fish even when fished blind. Mid morning, PMD’s have also been abundant and a PMD Parachute and PMD Cripples #16-18 takes fish at will. Beatis also shows itself, mixing in and acting as a buffer between these hatches. Mason Quill Beatis Spinner #22 and a Sparkle Dun Beatis Emerger or CDC Beats Cripple #20-22 do the job. Also, some very large fish have been taken on large Chernobyl Ants and Beatles #8-10. – Bill Mason”

quoted from Idaho Mountain Express

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