Silver Creek Experience

Silver Creek, one of Idaho’s premier fly fishing destinations, is located in Southern Idaho, about 30 miles South of Sun Valley. It is a spring creek, fed by the aquifer of the Wood River Valley. The springs that feed the creek originate in the South end of the Belleview triangle, generally on private ranches in the area. The main tributaries are Stalker and Loving Creeks, that come together near the headwaters of the Nature Conservancy section. The water level is generally highest in the fall as the water from the Wood River Valley finds its way South.

As a classic spring creek, most of the water is slow moving and gin clear. Fishing is difficult. Many anglers fishing the creek for the first time give up in frustration. A local guide, while not mandatory, can make a first time visitor’s experience more enjoyable by teaching the right techniques for the creek and showing the fisherman where his odds of success are greatest. A list of local guides can be found elsewhere on this site.

Trout in the water at Kilpatrick Bridge, Silver Creek Preserve (Bob Clark)