Fishing Report friday 6-28-13

SILVER CREEK—Typical for this time of year, both the duration and quantity of our hatches can be spotty. Since many of the fish have been fished over for nearly a month, they too have become a little skittish. Regardless, there is enough going on in the late morning into the afternoon to make for some nice angling opportunities. Beatis (D. hageni) and the Pale Morning Dun (E. dorthea infrequens) are the principal players seen on the water. Fly patterns consist of Mason Quill Beatis Spinners #22, Para Lt. Olive #20-22, Sparkle Dun Beatis Cripples #20-22, PMD Parachutes #18 and PMD Cripples #18. I would start carrying Blue Damsel #10-12 imitations for afternoon fishing over the weed beds. The Creek has always been a mid- and late-season stream so the best is yet to come. – Bill Mason”

quoted from Idaho Mountain Express

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