Fishing Report friday 7-19-13

SILVER CREEK—Typically for this time of year, almost all of your best fishing activity is in the morning. You might find some decent Pale Morning Dun emergences in the evening but the bulk of the successes will come in the morning hours. Trico, Beatis and PMD spinners intersperse with each other and make up all of your hatch and imitation concerns. You should have in your arsenal of fly patterns Dave Trico Spinners #22, Cut Wing Trico Spinner #22, Mason Beatis Spinner #22, Brown Quill Spinner #22 and a Gray/Yellow No Hackle #16-18 if PMD’s appear. Hopefully, Trico will stay manageable in terms of quantity but this will be your fishing routine for the next month. You may fish some Damsel Flys in the afternoon but for the most part, everything closes down about noon. – Bill Mason”

quoted from Idaho Mountain Express

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