Fishing Report friday 7-5-13

“SILVER CREEK—Don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but here goes: Fishing is good but hatches are a bit inconsistent both in quantity and duration. Fortunately there is enough activity to find working fish and if you put the right fly over them, most all will readily take your imitation. Typical for this time of year, the Pale Morning Dun and Beatis spinners continue to be the main players. Throw in a few Callibeatis and Blue Damsels (afternoons) and you have just about covered most of what you will see. PMD Parachutes #16-18, PMD Sparkle Duns and Cripples #18-22, Mason Quill Beatis Spinners #22, Lt. Olive Sparkle Duns #20-22, Para Partridge Callibeatis and Partridge Spinners #16 and Blue Damsel Fly’s #6-10 should just about cover your fly imitation needs. As a side note, because of the intense heat we are experiencing, the PMD emergence may shift into the evening at dusk and can provide some great fishing. It is certainly worth a look. – Bill Mason.”

quoted from Idaho Mountain Express

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